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RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.5.7
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RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.5.7

Publisher:Evinco Solutions Lim ited
Language:English, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional
Platform:Vista, Windows
Requirements:No special requirements
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

RoboMail Mass Mail Software - RoboMail is a comprehensive mass mail software, which has a built-in e-mail server to send out e-mail without using ISP's server. User can send personalized e-mail easily, which stands out from tons of the junk mails. User can send newsletter, product release, and promotional events to customers. With RoboMail, you can promote your products with zero cost, reach worldwide prospects in most effective way and send personalized email to your customers. Enjoy email marketing with RoboMail and explore more business opportunities.

List of Changes:

Version 3.5.7 from 2012-11-16

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Version 3.5.6 from 2012-10-17

In SMTP settings page, add "Display Password" option; Source code clean up and replace obsolete functions

Version 3.5.5 from 2012-09-21

Version increment to enhance license security

Version 3.5.4 from 2012-08-21

Improve registration process and raise the speed 50%

Version 3.5.2 from 2012-05-30

In Mail Server settings page, add Test Connection button to verify the settings; New Feature: Process unsubscribe request automatically when starting the software

Version 3.5.1 from 2012-05-01

Add System Password feature

Version 3.5.0 from 2012-04-04

Unsubscribe Settings Enhancement. Choose email with matching title or any emails as unsubscribe request

Version 3.4.3 from 2012-03-06

Provide option in Restore dialog. Existing data can be moved to a temporary folder. User can rollback if needed; In Update dialog, provides details update description

Version 3.4.2 from 2012-02-07

New Feature: Regular Backup before closing software; Update Documentation and Help files

Version 3.4.1 from 2012-01-09

Remove duplicate body, html ending tag at the end of email

Version 3.4.0 from 2011-12-12

Database optimization: compress recipient table and reduce database loading; Optimize address book and improve loading speed; Revise unsubscribe setting layout; Keep maximize status of main windows; Fix validation issue in offline registration; Revise the permission settings when installing software

Version 3.3.3 from 2011-11-15

Bug fixed in internal cache of email template; Minor adjustment on License Registration dialog

Version 3.3.2 from 2011-09-20

Remove ambiguous comma in SMTP Port under Settings; Minor UI tweak in Registration Box

Version 3.3.1 from 2011-08-24

New user interface for loading html into email template; Simplify the email sending process if it is a plain email without attachment and embedded images

Version 3.3.0 from 2011-07-25

Allow to set two SMTP servers, and can use them randomly; Update the display view of List Success/List Fail; Alert to setup SMTP server if it is not setup yet in the initial run

Version 3.2.2 from 2011-05-03

Allow to use comma, semi-colon, or new line to separate email addresses

Version 3.2.1 from 2011-04-04

Enhance Software Update process

Version 3.2.0 from 2011-03-07

Improve performance by reducing database query and resources requirement when sending email.

Version 3.1.1 from 2011-02-07

Minor tweak in saving email template; Show alert message when adding email address before saving the email template

Version 3.1.0 from 2011-01-10

User can copy the email template in right-click menu and make a duplicate copy; Provide clear sending log function in View Log; When restoring backup data, the registration information will be kept

Version 3.0.3 from 2010-11-17

Provide icon to load html file in email template. It also supports drag-and-drop to open html file.

Version 3.0.1 from 2010-10-19

Enhance Email Address Validation; Quick fix of stability issue in address book; Revise Help File; Revise registration process to facilitate the upgrade of license validation in server side

Version 3.0.0 from 2010-09-19

Revise and enhance unsubscribe Process; Speed up the import of email address into address book

Version 2.9.1 from 2010-07-25

Show information of new version after update; Revise registration process

Version 2.9.0 from 2010-06-29

Provide automatic version update for registered copy; Enhance startup performance by dynamic loading; Enhance license security

Version 2.8.3 from 2010-05-31

Show default Sender and Reply-To information when preparing a new email template; Simplified the process to adding email address into email template

Version 2.7.1 from 2010-01-11

Enhance the installation wizard to support Windows 7

Version 2.7.0 from 2009-12-14

Revise the tabular column of main screen to shows the statistics of email sending; Optimize and speedup the process to display tracking report; Build pre-defined folder when program startup

Version 2.6.3 from 2009-10-19

Allow to alter the column display in email template list and address book.

Version 2.6.2 from 2009-09-21

Fine tunes database kernel to enhance performance and resolves database locking issue.

Version 2.6.1 from 2009-08-24

User can review the emails address in Unsubscribe List.

Version 2.6.0 from 2009-07-27

New database kernel for stability and better performance.

Version 2.5.5 from 2009-06-29

Version increment for license security

Version 2.5.4 from 2009-06-01

Group will be set selected after adding in Address Book; Accept simple text file in importing email to Address Book; Revise documentation

Version 2.5.3 from 2009-05-04

Show Number of Emails, Estimated Time when sending email

Version 2.5.2 from 2009-04-06

Performance Tuning in sending email; Minor Tweak on User Interface Icon and Message

Version 2.5.1 from 2009-03-09

Simplify startup process; Bug fixed in Email Import of Address Book; Speedup the table display in main windows; Adjust column width in main windows for better display

Version 2.5.0 from 2009-02-09

Support CSV file import: Contacts can be imported from CSV format file; Contacts Import Improvement: Unused column can be hide from file; Interface Improvement: File Open Dialog with descriptive title and button; Bug fixed: In email template, image with chinese file name cannot be shown.

Version 2.4.1 from 2008-12-29

New Functions: List "SUCCESS" and "FAIL" emails in right-click menu; Revise and Simplify Registration Process; Minor Bug Fixed on New Template;

Version 2.4.0 from 2008-11-17

Besides adding recipients, template is allowed to add solely "email"; Revise Email List interface in Email Template; Minor Interface Enhancement on Registration Box

Version 2.3.2 from 2008-10-06

Minor Bug Fixed: Email Random Sending Time

Version 2.3.1 from 2008-08-25

Minor Interface Revised: Message text on dialog

Version 2.3.0 from 2008-07-14

Support user defined random sending time; Load balance enhancement reduce the overall program loading and speed up the running process.; Interface Enhancemnt: Icon and Message visibility; Fully support non-english version of Windows; Revise HELP document; Provides with upgraded run-time kernel


Comprehensive mass mail software

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File Size: 25.7 Mb
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Latest User Reviews:

Jane4jk 2011-01-22 16:59:12 #
Version: 3.1.0

i have tried to use this software for my email marketing, it sent just 300 email and it stoped i dont know why it has to be that way please let me know the reason

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File Size: 25.7 Mb
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